Tridomain Performance Materials

Waterbased Resins

As a major domestic producer of waterbased resins, we offer a wide range of waterbased resins, e.g. synthetic latex resins, products for many industries. For decorative paint and adhesive applications, waterbased resins is characterised by its ease of application, even coating and its strong binding qualities. The textile industry utilises its wearability and fabric softening features, while in paper coating applications, it provides rigidity and prevents blotting.

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Solvent Based Coating Resins

Alkyd and amino resins are mainly consumed as solvent-based coatings in the surface coatings industry. The key features of Alkyd and Amino resins is long period of stability, relatively low cost and versatility in performance. The single largest market for alkyd resins is in traffic paints.

Colour brilliance, durability and product consistency are three important characteristics required by paint and lacquer manufacturers that form the bulk of our customers in this product group.

The ability to formulate precise chemical compositions to provide for diverse customer requirements is a key reason why many paint companies have continuously relied on us as a major supplier of alkyd and amino resins.

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Unsaturated Polyester Resins

Products made of unsaturated polyester resins (UPR) are characterised by good tensile strength, lightweight, resistance to heat and chemicals in addition to superior weathering and electrical insulation properties.

We are able to produce UPR products in accordance to customer required specification. To ensure quality and conformity to specifications, production processes are continuously monitored under strict quality control.

UPR is mainly used in the manufacture of fibreglass reinforced plastic products with major markets in automotive parts, consumer goods, construction materials, marine equipment and other industries.

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Plasticizers are widely used as softening agents in the manufacture of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) products. Of the various types of plasticizers the Company produces, Dioctyl Phthalate (DOP) constitutes the bulk of its production besides TOTM, DBP, DOA,.... DOP satisfies the broadest range of processing and performance requirements for PVC at a low cost and thus, has the largest market share. It is widely used in the manufacture of PVC applications such as hoses, imitation leather, carpets, shoes and insulation coating for electric cables and wires.

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Acrylamides are used in the form polyacrylamides or acrylamide-base-polymers. In paper industry, Polyacrylamides (acrylamide-base polymers) are used as paper strength, retention aids, drainage aids, flocculants, thickeners and coatings . While in water treatment, Polyacrylamides are used as treatment of potable water, municipal sewage, industrial waste water and processing solutions. Other major usage, in Oil recovery enhancement, Water with adequate mobility is injected into an oil reservoir to push out the oil in a matrix of sand or porous rock. Polyacrylamide functions as a mobility controller or water thickeners.

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